Nourish Your Family with Canadian Turkey

By Shannon Crocker MSc RD, Vibrant Nutrition Communications

March is Nutrition Month and dietitians across Canada are celebrating the power of food to nourish, boost health and unite families at the dinner table.

I’m happy to be joining in that celebration with Canadian Turkey to share with you ways to nourish your family with nutrient-rich turkey.

As a dietitian, I like that turkey is lean, packed with high quality protein and filled with nutrients such as vitamin B12 (important for a healthy heart and brain). As a mom, I appreciate that when I serve turkey, I’m feeding my family good-for-you food that I know they will enjoy.

Here are 4 ways Canadian Turkey can nourish your family:

  1. Cook once, enjoy several meals.

When it comes to meal planning, a whole turkey delivers huge value as a ‘cook once, eat several times’ meal. Roast a turkey on the weekend and then use the extras for quick and nutritious meals during the week.  If a whole turkey seems too big for your smaller family, roast a turkey breast or a couple of thighs instead.

 Tasty Tip: Extra roast turkey helps make simple suppers super! Try this turkey quesadilla or this cheesy tomato and turkey pasta bake.


  1. Get back to basics.

One of the best things you can do for your family’s health is to enjoy more meals cooked at home, using whole, real food ingredients. Turkey is a versatile, whole food ingredient that helps you create so many deliciously healthy meals.

Tasty Tip: try these recipes using 3 turkey cuts, 3 ways:


  1. Make the smart swap.

Ground turkey is lean and flavourful making it a super staple for every day healthy meals. Next time you make lasagna, tacos or burgers, swap in ground turkey for a nutritious, delicious meal.

Tasty Tip: Your family will love this Roasted Vegetable and Turkey Lasagna.


  1. Get snacking satisfaction.

When you need an energy boost to keep you going until dinner, try turkey! The high protein content of turkey delivers long lasting snacking satisfaction, making it perfect for after school snacking for busy families.

Tasty Tip: make these crunchy turkey cutlets, cut them into “fingers” and keep them in the fridge for easy grabbing on the go!


Wishing you good health!