Get Grilling with Manitoba Turkey Producers!

Manitoba Turkey Producers is back on CTV Morning Live Winnipeg to bring you Get Grilling, our weekly cooking segment. Join CTV’s host Ryan Harding and Granny’s Chef, Jason Wortzman as they go outside and grill up some tasty turkey recipes. Make sure to set your PVR. The weekly cooking segments air every Thursday until July 5.



Turkey Burger Buffet  Garlic Sesame
Turkey Steaks
Baked Beans with
Turkey Sausage
Barbecued Turkey Roast with
Cranberry Chipotle
BBQ Sauce
May 17 May 24 May 31 June 7
Recipe Recipe Recipe Recipe


Barbecued Sweet Peppers
Stuffed with Mediterranean
Turkey Sausage
 Barbecued Slow Cooker
Turkey Roast with
Fennel and Lemon
Grilled Pizza with
Turkey Sausage
Barbecued Whole Turkey
June 14 June 21 June 28 July 5
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