Four Tips for Simple Summer Meals

There’s still lots of time to get grilling this summer! And with these four simple strategies that save you cooking time, you can spend more time soaking up the last of our sun-drenched summer days.

  1. Grill a Spatchcock

    Flattening, or spatchcocking, your turkey helps speed up cooking time with an even distribution of heat on the grill for a perfectly cooked and tender turkey every time. You can spatchcock a turkey easily – learn how here.

    When it comes to seasoning, the sky’s the limit with this versatile protein. Use your go-to poultry seasoning, or try this Portuguese Style marinade using zesty lemon and warm spices like paprika. I’d pair it with that summer staple veggie – grilled zucchini – and tender new potatoes.

    Nutrition Tip: Keep the skin on turkey to lock in moisture and flavour while cooking and remove it before eating to keep it a lean choice.

  2. Make Kabobs and Skewers.

    Skewers and kabobs cook up quickly, so you can enjoy barbecued turkey in no time. Be sure to cut turkey breast into small one-inch pieces for even cooking. Make skewers ahead to soak up a flavour-packed marinade, like this New Delhi style option.

    If you haven’t tried adding fruit to your grilled turkey kabobs, you’re missing out! Fresh juicy peaches and lean turkey make for a mouth-watering sweet and savoury combo. Try it out by adding peaches instead of pineapple to these Pineapple Turkey Kabobs.

    Meal-Prep Tip: Prep extra turkey skewers and freeze them in your choice of marinade for an easy high-quality protein to cook at any time.

  3. Cook Extra Turkey for Satisfying Salads.

    Grilled turkey salads – like this Grilled Turkey Panzanella Salad with garden-fresh tomatoes –  are a staple in my summertime meal rotation. I always make sure to grill extra turkey for an easy source of lean protein for dinner in a hurry. By topping your leafy green salad with turkey, you get a longer staying power and more good-for-you nutrients.

    Just like with skewers, I love throwing a bit of fruit into my salads for a punch of flavour, like this Lemon & Herb Pulled Turkey Salad featuring strawberries. For extra moist and flavourful turkey, swap in grilled dark-meat turkey thighs.

    Nutrition Tip: Contrary to popular belief, dark turkey cuts are a lean choice. Plus, dark turkey meat has more minerals than white meat including iron, zinc, and selenium – all nutrients needed for healthy brain functioning.

  4. Lean on Make-Ahead Meals.

    Make-ahead meals are a game changer for something easy and nourishing after a long day in the sun. When I want to sit outside and enjoy a meal with little effort, I prep recipe components ahead of time, so supper comes together in a snap.

    For example, I’d grill turkey and make a big batch of the zesty peach salsa and keep both in the fridge, ready to combine in these delectable Turkey Tacos. Or, when I make Turkey Burgers, I make extra patties for the freezer for any time I need a satisfying dinner or lunch in a pinch.

    And, for a picnic-friendly option, this salad is perfect for making ahead. Featuring fresh green beans, crisp corn, juicy tomatoes, and grilled turkey (obviously), it’s sturdy enough to make ahead. If pasta salads are more your jam, use leftover shredded turkey in this simple Turkey Caprese Pasta Salad.

Happy and healthy summer living,