Eating Turkey Between Holidays

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and while we await the next holiday to cook another glorious Manitoba turkey, we ask ourselves – is there a way that we can enjoy turkey in the meantime?

There absolutely is. Contrary to popular belief, turkey can be consumed between holidays – with various cuts, turkey is not only versatile but it is healthy and convenient.

The different cuts of turkey include: breast, thigh, ground, and wings – yes, you can get turkey wings. These cuts are bigger than the average chicken and yet, they can replace chicken, or beef, in any of your family’s favorite recipes.

Cooked properly, turkey is flavourful, moist, and incredibly delicious.

Try these various recipes for your family this week:

Spaghetti & Turkey a la Puttanesca


Oven-baked Panko Parmesan Turkey Fingers










Black Bean Turkey Burger with Chipotle Mayo


Korean BBQ Turkey Wings
Korean BBQ Turkey Wings