CTV Morning Live Winnipeg 2023

Manitoba Turkey Producers has teamed up with Butterball and Chef Shahir Massoud to prep and cook up delish turkey recipes throughout 2023! Featuring brand-new recipes with lean, Canadian-raised Butterball turkey products, you will want to check back often as more recipes will be featured regularly! Kicking off 2023, Shahir will be whipping up a Coriander & Orange Glazed Stuffed Butterball Turkey Roast. He’ll be pairing that with Steamed Herby Potatoes and Sauteed Spring Vegetables. Check back often for more turkey recipes as they air on CTV Morning Live Winnipeg!

Featured Recipes/Segments

Coriander & Orange-Glazed Turkey Roast Mediterranean Egg White Omelette
with Turkey Ham
March 30th, 2023 May 18th, 2023
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Grilled Garlic Parm Turkey Drumsticks Bulgogi Grilled Turkey Thighs
June 1st, 2023 June 29th, 2023
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CTV Morning Live Winnipeg Contest

Want to win some turkey? You’ve come to the right place! From June 1st – June 7th, tune into CTV Morning Live for the secret “turkey” code word and enter it online at CTV Morning Live’s contest page, which is found here. Once entered, you have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to purchase a Butterball turkey product and some amazing Manitoba Turkey Producer swag. Make sure to tune in so you don’t miss those code words!