6 Unique Side Dishes to Serve with Holiday Dinners

When you think of classic holiday dinner sides, there are a few iconic recipes that come to mind. And, while we all love a good mashed potato, we should also embrace the idea of switching up the side dish recipe roster and adding a dose of the unexpected. We’ve compiled a list of some unique side dish recipes that are great as a standalone or as a complement to those classic side dish creations.

  1. Caramelized Onion Turkey Tartlets

Is it even really the holidays without an abundance of delicious snacks in the kitchen? These caramelized onion turkey tartlets from Deliciously Nourished are perfect for holiday appetizers or even serving as a holiday side dish to complement the rest of your fabulous cooking.


  1. Cranberry Cream Cheese & Turkey Stuffed Mushrooms

This savoury side dish created by Jo-Anna Rooney is the perfect complement to any main. The mushroom’s cream cheese-based stuffing is enhanced with a seasonal hint of cranberry and sage, creating a perfect balance of this seasons flavours.


  1. Twice Baked Turkey Dijon Baked Potatoes

Ditch the expected mashed potatoes for this warm, ooey-gooey take on the stuffed baked potato from French’s. Featuring an unexpected hint of Dijon mustard, this stuffed baked potato side dish is a sure to be a new holiday favourite.


  1. Warm Turkey and Root Vegetable Salad with Goat Cheese Dressing

Salads are an excellent side dish for any meal, and this hearty salad is no exception. Featuring seasonal winter flavours, this warm turkey and root vegetable salad is a fun way to incorporate some colour and nutrition onto your plate this holiday.


  1. Chili Lime Ginger Turkey Soup

Warm soup is always a delicious and light complementary side to bring to your holiday table. Jessica Emin’s Chili Lime Ginger Turkey Soup packs a flavourful punch and only takes 5 mins of prep time!



  1. Turkey, Cucumber, Feta & Tomato Pasta Salad

Sure, you could buy (or make!) a classic pasta salad, but then you’d be missing out on the opportunity to shake it up with this delicious and unique approach to the classic dish from Natasha Ls! A refreshing blend of cucumber and feta, this pasta salad is a light and airy complement to any main.